Acoustics have become a key consideration when designing office spaces. Good acoustics lead to improved comfort and well-being in the workplace, factors which are crucial to ensuring good productivity.
REYEM partitions will greatly improve the acoustics of your office. We have two ranges available:


ACOUSTIc range

An economic solution for moderate acoustic absorption.


100% PEFC & FSC panel + 2 layers of 5mm foam 100% polyurethane + fabric.


Discover our fabric colour palette here.

Acoustic range

Super-Acoustic range


Acoustic panels for optimum sonic absorption, making your office space considerably more comfortable.


   2 x 15mm polyester fibre acoustic absorbent

+ 2 x 5mm Medium-density Fibreboard

+ Fabric


Discover our fabric colour palette here.


Reyem acoustic partitions trap sound, preventing it from reverberating around your office.

When measuring the acoustic performance of a wall, we talk about acoustic absorption. This is measured using the αs coefficient.


The αs coefficient is used to describe the partition’s sound absorption on a scale from 0 to 1 (0 to 100%). In offices, these levels generally remain between 500 and 4000 Hertz (low- or high-pitched sounds). The αw coefficient describes the weighted acoustic absorption.

Acoustic in office






Acoustic tests in office
Acoustic tests


Acoustic panels can be wall-mounted, suspended from the ceiling or, like all other Reyem screen systems, be used as a desk screen or office partition.

Assembly office partitions


Each Reyem panel is manufactured using a colourless anodised aluminium frame, and comes with an assembly kit. This includes:

- multi-dimensional washers, enabling you to connect several panels together,

- height adjusters.

Depending on how you want to install your partitions and the layout of your office, you may need to use stabilisers or adjustable feet.


MVP 300 stabiliser feet may be added if necessary, depending on how you wish to install your partitions (see below).

Stabiliser feet

We recommend using MVP 360 adjustable feet for irregular floors, and according to how you wish to install your partitions (see below)

Adjustable feet
Base for partitions
Adjustable base for partitions

Layout for partitions
Wheel-mounted partitions


A kit containing four casters can be installed on your Reyem partitions.

Casters for office partitions

For additional information, please download our PDF catalogue or contact us.