Assembly kit for office partitions

Each Reyem panel is manufactured using a colourless anodised aluminium frame, and comes with a multi-directional washer kit which allows you to combine your panels as needed.


This highly functional and modular system enables you to quickly and easily modify the layout of your partitions, and to add new ones as needed.

The Reyem assembly system is fully patented.


The assembly kit includes two sets of washers: plastic and metal. The metal washers go on the base of the panels, and the plastic ones go on top.

Easy to install

Assembly of partitions
Modular office partition

The various washers which come with each panel enable you to install them as required. You can combine:

- 2 panels with a variable angle between them,

- 2 panels at right angles,

- 3 panels,

- 4 panels.


MVP 300 stabiliser feet may be added if necessary, depending on how you wish to install your partitions (see below).

Feet for office screen

We recommend using MVP 360 adjustable feet for irregular floors, and according to how you wish to install your partitions (see below)

Adjustable feet for office screen
Partition with base
Partition with adjustable base

Feet position for office partitions
Wheel-mounted partition


A kit containing four casters can be installed on your Reyem partitions.

Casters for office screen

For additional information, please download our PDF catalogue or contact us.