Reyem office screens can be adapted to suit your existing installations and are available in a wide range of finishes.


Office screens can be an effective way to improve the acoustics of your environment.


Desk screen

Desk screen for office




Acrylic glass

Alveolar polycarbonate

White enamel (whiteboard)



Desk screens can be placed directly on the desk thanks to Reyem bases.

Acoustic desk screen

Whiteboard screen

Reyem white enamel desk screens can be very useful as a whiteboard.

Standard heights and sizes. Custom made also available.

Height 350 mm 550 mm


350 x   800

350 x 1000

350 x 1200

350 x 1400

350 x 1600

350 x 1800

550 x   800

550 x 1000

550 x 1200

550 x 1400

550 x 1600

550 x 1800

Assembly for desk screen


Each Reyem screen comes with an assembly kit. This includes multi-dimensional washers, enabling you to connect several panels together.


REYEM office screens can be mounted onto desktops from 10mm to 38mm thick using clips.

Clip for desk screen
Fixing for desk screen

Clip position for desk screen

Fixing on the profile for Bench desks or desks with drawer unit

Clip for Bench desk

We have reinforced the aluminum frame of our partitions in order to fix the clamps directly on the profile.

Cloisonnette bureau Bench

Frosted tempered glass

Reyem desk screens can be customised with the addition of 5 mm frosted tempered glass tops.

Clip for desk screen
Glass partition for desk screen

Accessories for screens in office


A range of accessories has been specially designed to enhance your Reyem office screens.

For additional information, please download our PDF catalogue or contact us.